Silicon Carbide Ceramic Burner Nozzle

Silicon Carbide Ceramic Burner Nozzle

In any industrial heating process perhaps the most critical aim is to provide a carefully controlled temperature profile within the kiln or furnace,also can use custom silicon carbide ceramic. Whether the fuel is natural gas, LPG or oil, the location of silicon carbide burner nozzle is a potential hot-spot within the kiln. Burner flames can be long enough to make contact with the product or kiln furniture causing very severe over-heating which is damaging to both. Even when the exposed flame is kept at a safe distance, direct radiant heating can cause localised over-heating of product and subsequent quality problems.


Reaction Bonded Silicon Carbide Burner Nozzle are used for tunnel kiln, shuttle kiln, roller hearth kiln as the flame tubes. The sisic ceramic burner nozzles are also used for heating on either direct or indirect furnace systems.They can be also applied in industrial kilns of gas,oil etc,silicon carbide ceramic are widely used and adopted by domestic and overseas kiln companies.Reaction bonded silicon carbide burner nozzle can obviously control and adjust temperature balance inside the kiln with large width.SiSiC Burner Nozzles have been installed in most of the famous imported and domestic made kilns.


silicon carbide ceramic nozzle

Silicon Carbide Burner Nozzle

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