Quality Control

The constant quality control during manufacturing is the guarantee for the good quality and for the satisfaction of our customer. Meeting the specifications and drawings of our customers are the basis of our quality control. We use many ways and equipment to inspect for products. Also we control every step for producing.We will store  data for traceability purposes.

in choosing the appropriate material from the early design stage
in selecting the most cost-effective manufacturing route
in providing high quality standards for our customer service and products
in guaranteeing full traceability of our processes
and continuously driving our quality system to higher efficiency is a rule

we design, develop and manufacture our own silicon carbide ceramics to deliver excellent performance to meet a variety of extreme abrasive wear, corrosion, high temperature and thermal shock application requirements. Our silicon carbide ceramic offer the following advantages:
Material formulation  by statistically designed methods.
Exclusive use of consistent, high quality raw materials.
In-house mould making, internally developed, multi materials including rapid  prototyping, CNC routing equipment.
In-house working tooling for consistent high quality and flexibility.
Process controls and monitoring details throughout the whole manufacturing operation.
Furnace controls which optimize firing consistency and holding time and others; verification of results monitored for each cycle completed.

Please find the indicators for reaction bonded silicon carbide ceramic

Reaction Bonded silicon carbide ceramic indicator(PDF file)

Please find the indicators for Sintered Silicon Carbide Ceramic

Sintered Silicon Carbide Ceramic indicator(PDF file)

reaction bonded silicon carbide

silicon carbide ceramic function

ceramic ferrules ceramic ferrule for stud welding ceramic ferrule