SIC Cross Beams

sisic beam has high bearing capacity at high temperature, long-term use without bending deformation.silicon carbide beams works at 1380 C,technical parameters of the cross beam remain unchanged.sisic beam has high strength, high hardness, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, heat resistance, good thermal shock resistance, good thermal conductivity and high thermal efficiency.sic beams made by reaction bonded silicon carbide are used for the loading structure systems of tunnel kilns, shuttle kilns and many other industrial kilns.silicon carbide beams have higher strength and there are no deformations even in very high temperature.And also this kind of silicon carbide shelves display long operational life. Reaction bonded silicon carbide ceramic beams are the most suitable kiln furniture for sanitarywear and electrical porcelain applications. SiSiC beam has excellent thermal conductivity, so it is available to save energy.we can make sisic beam according to your requirement.

silicon carbide ceramic Cross Beams

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