silicon carbide bulletproof ceramic

silicon carbide bulletproof ceramic

this kind of silicon carbide bricks is made of super fine sintered silicon carbide powder with excellent thermal conductivity, high temperature resistant, high temperature resistant to oxidation, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali, solvent and other advantages, this kind of silicon carbide tiles as one kind best bulletproof vest is high strength, high wear resistance, can meet the military with ballistic panels, anti shock, a good agreement with the military bulletproof shield requirements of the lighter, stronger and more flexible policy.This kind sic tiles is a high-end protective armour. Sintered silicon carbide tiles has much stronger wear and strength resistance than reaction bonded silicon carbide bricks.we can make sic tiles according to your requirement.

silicon carbide bulletproof ceramic

boron carbide plate

Item                              Unit           SSiC

Hardness                     HRA                  94

Hardness                     HV                   2500

Porosity Rate                %                     <0.2         

Density                         g/cm3                  3.1-3.15

Compressive Strength    Mpa               >3000

Bending Strength          Mpa               >400

Coefficient of Expansion    10-6/℃          4.3

Content of SiC                        %                ≥99          

Free Si                                    %                 <0.1

Elastic Modulus                Gpa              410

Temperature                     ℃               1600    

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