rbsic radiation tube

rbsic radiation tube

radiation tube made by reaction bonded sic has the advantages of good thermal conductivity,high temperature resistance, resistance to extreme heat and cold, corrosion resistance,long service life, no cracking, easy processing into various shapes and other characteristics.

1. The flame inner tube adopts silicon carbide material SiSiC, which can withstand high thermal stress

2. Multi-section radiant pipe can be combined into inner tube of required length according to the length of radiation tube

3. This kind of silicon carbide pipe allows the metal radiant tube to be bent without damaging the flame inner tube and the radiant tube

4. Compared with the metal tube, this kind of silicon carbide pipe is lighter, which can reduce the load on the metal radiant pipe

5. Compared with the metal inner tube, this kind of sic tube has higher thermal conductivity

sic tube made of reaction bonded sic is widely used in gas and oil-fired industrial furnaces such as tunnel kilns, shuttle kilns, roller kilns, etc.This kind of sic tube is ideal combustion chamber for various gas,fuel and other industrial furnace,indirect combustion furnaces, self-preheating combustion furnaces, famous fire combustion furnaces, tempering furnaces,and other pretreatment or heat treatment equipment in the steel, metallurgical and other industries.This kind of sic kiln furniture can reduce the energy consumption and effective control  furnace temperature. The reaction bonded sic is ideal material for steel heat treatment furnace. Specifications of sic kiln furniture can be produced according to user needs.

silicon carbide ceramic radiation tube

radiation tube

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